Name Job title Department Role Topics
Charisma Acey Associate Professor City and Regional Planning Advisory Committee, Faculty Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Uganda, Zimbabwe
Gladys Ajaelo Lecturer African American Studies African Language Specialist, Faculty Nigeria
Francis Annan Assistant Professor Agricultural and Resource Economics Faculty Ghana
Leonardo Arriola Director, Associate Dean, Professor of Political Science Political Science, Center for African Studies, College of Letters and Sciences Director, Advisory Committee, Staff, Faculty Cameroon, Ethiopia, Guinea, Kenya, Madagascar, Senegal, Zambia
Paola Bacchetta Professor Gender & Women's Studies Faculty Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia
James Bartolome Professor Environmental Science, Policy and Management Faculty Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda
Peter Bartu Lecturer International and Area Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, Middle Eastern Studies Faculty Djibouti, Libya, Malawi
Sandra Bass Director Public Service Center Faculty Ethiopia
Mohamed Wajdi Ben Hammed Assistant Professor of Arabic Literature and Islamic Culture Comparative Literature Faculty Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia
Jean Paul Bourdier Professor Architecture Faculty Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Togo
Rauri Bowie Associate Professor Integrative Biology Faculty
Justin Brashares Associate Professor Environmental Science, Policy and Management Faculty Ghana, Tanzania
Eric Brewer Professor Computer Science Faculty
Karl Britto Associate Professor French & Comparative Literature Faculty
Thomas J Carlson Senior SOE Lecturer Integrative Biology Faculty Africa- general
Claudia Carr Associate Professor Environmental Science, Policy and Management Faculty Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan
Sharad Chari Associate Professor Geography Faculty, Alumni Mauritius, Mozambique, South Africa
Youjin Chung Assistant Professor Energy and Resources Group, Division of Society and Environment Faculty Tanzania
Ruth Collier Professor Political Science Faculty Africa- general
Jason Corburn Professor City and Regional Planning Faculty Kenya