Andrew WooyoungKim

Assisstant Professor
Biological Anthropology

Julia Schaletzky Advances Biomedical Entrepreneurship in Uganda with Mastercard Foundation Faculty Grant

December 11, 2023

Portrait of Julia SchaletzkyJulia Schaletzky is executive director of the Center for Emerging and Neglected Diseases, Drug Discovery Center, at UC Berkeley, which co-founded the Alliance of Global Health and Science several years ago to integrate research at UC Berkeley with Makerere University in Uganda. She is also a lecturer at...

Larry Hyman

Distinguished Professor of the Graduate School
Linguistics: Phonology; Tonal Geometry; Bantu Languages; Comparative Bantu On-Line Dictionary (CBOLD)

Dan Fahey

Environmental Science, Policy and Management

Fellowship: Rocca Dissertation Research
Fellowship Year(s): 2010
Project/Theme Title: War in DR Congo, 1996-2008

Fellowship: Rocca Dissertation Research
Fellowship Year(s): 2008
Project/Theme Title: Post-Conflict Development in Uganda, 1986-2006

Fellowship: Rocca Pre-dissertation Research
Fellowship Year(s): 2005
Project/Theme Title: Environmental Protection and Post-Conflict Development in the Great Lakes...

Ravina and Rushika Pattni: The Powerhouse Sister Duo in Tanzania

April 1, 2024

Ravina and Rushika Pattni

Ravina and Rushika Pattni are two exceptional women making a difference in Tanzania and beyond on the African continent. Ravina earned her bachelor’s degree at UC Berkeley as a Mastercard Foundation Scholar, majoring in Development Studies and Economics. Although she then obtained a Master of Public Administration in Development Practice from...

Charisma Acey

Associate Professor
City and Regional Planning

Tamara Kerzhner

PhD Candidate
City & Regional Planning

James Bartolome

Environmental Science, Policy and Management