Media Makers

The Center works with the UC Berkeley Media Relations Office in Public Affairs to provide information on request to members of the media. We can also help locate appropriate experts for interviews on topics of interests. Our goal is to assist the media in providing the public with accurate, relevant, contextual and appropriate information on African topics.

Issues of Discourse and Representation in African Studies

(Discussions relevant to the portrayal of Africa in the media)

Problematizing Representations of Africa

These articles and talks by African writers and scholars help to frame some of the issues that emerge around representations of Africa.

A select bibliography concerning the representation of Africa in western media is available here.

Considerations when using the terms "Tribe" and "Tribalism":

Other Links for Media Makers  

Karen Fung's Africa South of the Sahara website: Annotated and cross-referenced links to information on African countries and topics. Includes a general page on current events and breaking news. Each country page starts with a link to current news for that country.

Africa Check: A non-profit promoting accuracy in public debate and the media in Africa.

The Forum for African Investigative Reporters (FAIR): A professional association of investigative journalists in Africa.

The Africa Narrative. An initiative to report in new ways on modern Africa based at the Media Impact Project based at the Norman Lear Center at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism in collaboration with CrissCrossGlobal. They produced a 2019 report, Africa in the Media that explore how Africa and Africans are depicted in US media.

International News Safety Institute: Provides general information on safety for journalists as well as specific advisories.

Committee to Protect Journalists, Journalist Security Guide, by Frank Smyth/CPJ Senior Adviser for Journalist Security. With a chapter on Information Security by Danny O’Brien/CPJ Internet Advocacy Coordinator. Including Basic Preparedness Chapter.

Foreign Correspondence Network list of resources.

Konrad Adenauer Siftung's Investigative Journalism Manual. The "content has been produced by African journalists, and the case studies used reflect the continent’s reality."

Africa is a Country, blog featuring online commentary, original writing, media criticism, videos, audio, and photography. Often addresses issues of representation.