Title VI Center

In the past, the Center for African Studies has been a National Resource Center offering Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowships via grants from the U.S. Department of Education. These programs are the centerpiece of the Department’s International Education Programs authorized under the Title VI of the Higher Education Act. Since 1959, these programs have strengthened the capability and performance of American education in foreign languages and area studies. The UC Berkeley Center for African Studies has periodically had these grants since 1979.

Over the years the Title VI programs have supported funding for African language instruction, graduate and undergraduate fellowships to study African languages, new curriculum for learning about Africa, library resources, outreach to educators, media and the community, and a variety of events open to the campus and greater community.

The Title VI programs have funded international education at UC Berkeley since the beginning of the program in 1959. To learn more about the Title VI program in general, visit the site "Engaging the World: U.S. Global Competence for the 21st century" (www.usglobalcompetence.org) created by the American Council on Education and Coalition for International Education. This website illustrates the value of making international and foreign language education part of the core mission of the U.S. education system from K-12 through graduate school. It was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of HEA-Title VI and Fulbright-Hays. George Breslauer, former Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost at UC Berkeley is one of the featured alumni of the Title VI progams. 

The Center also received Title VI International Research and Studies grants in the past to fund the development of curriculum on the Horn of Africa, and curriculum on Sudan.

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