James Bartolome

Environmental Science, Policy and Management

Machiko Tsubura

Research Fellow
Center for African Studies

Machiko Tsubura is a Research Fellow in the African Studies Group of the Area Studies Center at the Institute of Developing Economies in Japan. Her research interests lie in electoral and party politics, and governance in sub-Saharan Africa with a focus on Tanzania. Her current research themes are: 1) presidential nomination and management of factionalism in dominant parties in Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Tanzania in comparative perspective; and 2) the influence of socialism on contemporary Tanzanian politics by employing the political settlement approach.

Elizabeth Boner


During her time as a Visiting Scholar and Fellowship Recipient in the Department of Education at UC Berkeley, Dr. Boner's research theme was "The making of the entrepreneur in rural Tanzania: Experimenting with neo-liberal power through discourses of entrepreneurship, partnership, and participatory education".

Situated Brainstorming: Field Site Scoping in East Africa

February 22, 2017

Christine Wilkinson with an eagle

This past summer, I was able to use the generous support of a Rocca Pre-Dissertation Fellowship in order to explore potential field sites, network with communities and wildlife managers, and...

Ndola Prata

School of Public Health - Maternal and Child Health

Ravina Pattni

Fellowship Recipient, Alumna

Gloria Kahamba

Fellowship Recipient, Alumna
School of Public Health