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Wolfgang Alders

Fellowship Recipient, Rocca Dissertation Research Fellowship
Department: Anthropology

Research interests: globalization and human settlement

Country Expertise: Tanzania

Fellowship: FLAS - Academic Year
Fellowship Year(s): 2018
Language: Swahili
Fellowship Year(s): 2017
Project/Theme Title: Community, social inequality and globalization in Zanzibar, Tanzania: AD 1000-1850
Abstracts: This project explores settlement, agricultural practices, and ceramic production in a marginalized part of East Africa from AD 1000-1850, and how these practices intersected with increasing globalization and the development of social inequality on the East African Swahili coast. The northeastern part of Unguja Island in Zanzibar, Tanzania, is an ideal place to study these relationships, since it lacks deep soils and flowing water for large-scale agriculture, and has been politically marginalized. This area may be contrasted sharply with wealthy trading towns in the west of the island during the last 1000 years, as the island became increasingly integrated into economic, ideological and ecological networks of exchange. Regional field survey, direct dating methods of agricultural fields, and thin-section ceramic petrography will be used to elucidate land-use in the rural countryside, and the ways in which these practices were entangled in social and ecological histories at different scales.
Fellowship Year(s): 2016
Language: Swahili