Name Job title Department Research interests
Phyllis Bischof Librarian Emeritus UC Berkeley Library

Africana bibliography.

Robert Buchanan Professor Emeritus Plant Biology

Technological processes directed toward producing new foods & improving existing foods in Africa

Meg Conkey Professor Emeritus Anthropology


Susan Edwards African Studies Librarian, Emeritus UC Berkeley Library
Peter Evans Professor Emeritus Sociology

Development theory

Louise Fortmann Professor Emeritus Environmental Science, Policy and Management

Natural resource sociology, political ecology, rural development, gender.

Stephen Glickman Professor Emeritus Psychology

Social behavior of the spotted hyena.

Neil Henry Professor Emeritus Journalism

International reporting.

Percy Hintzen Professor Emeritus African American Studies

Political & economic development of third world; Research methods; Middle class domination & statism; African populism.

Liliane Koziol Former Director of Programs, International House I House

Second Language Acquisition; Malagasy language; International Affairs; Deputy Honorary Consul of Madagascar.

Jean Lave Professor Emeritus Education


David Leonard Professor Emeritus Political Science

Management of rural services in Africa; Veterinary services; Human health care.

Dale McCullough Professor Emeritus Environmental Science, Policy and Management

Wildlife Ecology.

Thomas R. Metcalf Professor Emeritus History

Colonial architecture & culture of colonialism; migration of Indians to South Africa; role of Indians in South Africa.

Robert Price Professor Emeritus Political Science

South African politics; liberalization, ethnic politics

Zak Sabry Professor Emeritus Public Health

International health issues.

Nancy Scheper-Hughes Professor Emeritus Anthropology

Violence, psychological anthropology, comparisons with Latin America.

Michael Watts Professor Emeritus Geography

Food, famine, political economy, gender & society, contract farming, local irrigation systems; Household dynamics & the effect of gender relations on technological change