Jane Mango Angar

PhD Candidate
Political Science

Leonardo Arriola

Director, Associate Dean, Professor of Political Science
Political Science
Center for African Studies
College of Letters and Sciences

Leonardo Arriola studies ethnic politics, party systems, and political economy in Africa. His current research focuses on the formation of multiethnic electoral coalitions among opposition parties in Africa. He has conducted field research in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Senegal. He has previously been a Fulbright scholar at the Institute of Ethiopian Studies at Addis Ababa University, a visiting researcher at the West African Research Center in Dakar, Senegal, and a predoctoral fellow at the Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law at Stanford University. He earned a...

Lei Meng

Center for African Studies

Dr. Meng received his PhD from the College of Humanities and Development Studies (COHD) and the Research Center for International Development in China Agriculture University (CAU). During his time as a Visiting Scholar, he studied China and International Development, as well as Public Administration. Dr. Meng's research themes included: China’s Cultural Flows Through Sino-Africa Cooperation, China’s Investment and Aid to Africa; The Micro-Interactions Among China’s Private Enterprises overseas, the Politics of China and Neoliberalism.

Gilbert Bahati

Fellowship Recipient, Alumni
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Mailess Phiri

Fellowship Recipient, Alumna
Agricultural and Resource Economics

Haggai Kaunda

Fellowship Recipient, Alumni
Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Karen Weidert

MPH, Technical Advisor
Public Health
Bixby Center at UC Berkeley

Elizabeth Colson

Remembering Elizabeth Colson, 1917-2016.

Elizabeth Florence Colson died on Wednesday August 3, 2016 while sitting quietly on her verandah in Monze, Zambia bird-watching. Dr. Thea Savory,

Photo of Elizabeth Colson

Elizabeth Colson’s good friend and on whose farm Elizabeth lived, wrote that the 4½ hour funeral...