Lei Meng

Visiting Scholar
Visiting Student Researcher

Institution of Origin: Ph.D. Student from College of Humanities and Development Studies(COHD) / Research Center for International Development, China Agriculture University (CAU), China

Research Field: China and International Development, Public Administration

Research Theme:  China’s Cultural Flows Through Sino-Africa Cooperation, China’s Investment and Aid to Africa

The Micro-Interactions Among China’s Private Enterprises overseas, the Politics of China and Neoliberalism

Research Interests:

Neo-South-South Cooperation

Comparisons between China’s International Aid and International Aid of OECD

Chinese Culture and History and How to Understand the Rising of China

Gender and Development

Comparisons of Poverty Reduction between China and Africa

China Politics and Western Politics

International Relations

Startups Comparisons between China and U.S.A

Think Tank Comparisons between China and U.S.A