Visiting Student Researcher

Lei Meng

Center for African Studies

Dr. Meng received his PhD from the College of Humanities and Development Studies (COHD) and the Research Center for International Development in China Agriculture University (CAU). During his time as a Visiting Scholar, he studied China and International Development, as well as Public Administration. Dr. Meng's research themes included: China’s Cultural Flows Through Sino-Africa Cooperation, China’s Investment and Aid to Africa; The Micro-Interactions Among China’s Private Enterprises overseas, the Politics of China and Neoliberalism.

Yannick Pengl

Center for African Studies

During his studies at UC Berkeley, Yannick's research theme was "Pathways to Inclusive Rule: Inequality, Mobilization, and Political Institutions in Ethinically Divided Societies".

Alice Schmidt

Research Topic: 'Effects of the Trade and Agricultural Policy of the Industrialized Countries (especially European Union and United States) on African Developing Countries'; the agricultural policy of industrialized countries, the structure of the international market and how the industrialized countries act in international negotiations on international trade rules.

Xinghan Xiong

Center for African Studies

During his time at UC Berkeley Center for African Studes, Dr. Xiong studied Chinese Investment in Africa, Ethnicity in Madagascar, and French Language. His research theme was "Corporate Social Responsibility in Madagascar and Mauritius and its Influence on Local Ethnic/Political Identity". Dr. Xiong was also a Ph.D. Candidate in the International Relations Department at Tsinghua University, Beijing.