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Fellowship Recipients

Geist and Rosberg Undergraduate Research Grants


Liya Mulugeta, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Computer Science Education in Ethiopia
Victoria Osanyinpeju, Conservation and Resource Studies/Global Poverty and Practice. Land Grabs and Legal Empowerment in Nigeria: How Are Land Markets Evolving in Peri- Urban Regions Near the Lagos Metropolitan Area?


Danielle Kaye, Global Studies. Artisanal Fishing in Senegal: Livelihood Threats and Adaptation Strategies
Jasmine Sozi, Ethnic Studies. It’s a Racialized World After All: A Transnational Study of Oakland, California and Durban, South Africa as Sites of Racialized, Yet Resistant Geographies


Eliza McCullough, Development Studies., Gender & Women's Studies. The Frontier of Neoliberal Aid
Laura Goy, Public Health. Reformist Revolutions in Malawi: The Role of Reformed Islamic and Christian Congregations in Rural Malawi


Kerby Lynch, African American Studies. Shadow of Myself: Defining Black Lesbian Genocide in a PostApartheid South Africa


Emma Woolf, Linguistics. Documenting and describing Guébie


Ashley Milller, Interdisciplinary Studies. Severe deficits in water and sanitation development in the Kenyan coastal province (specifically Kaloleni), prompting school absenteeism/gender inequity, increased health risk, and economic underdevelopment.


Stephanie Danner, Economics and French. Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities in Mauritius


Ernest Honya, Development Studies. Ketwea Bea Nswa: The Politics of Susu in Ghana


Akash Patel, Political Economy. The 2010 World Cup's Effect on Xenophobic Violence in Cape Town
Christina Law, Public Health. Utility of bacteriophages as biocontrol agents for bacillus anthracis


Grace Newman, Development Studies. Microfinance in Internally Displaced People Camps in Northern Uganda
Jocelyn Matthews, Middle Eastern Studies. Issues of Representation in African Dance


Curtis Boyd, History. The Reintegration of Former Soldiers in Sierra Leone
Evan Wu, Economics., Statistics., Spanish. Applying Friedman Liberalism to South Africa: China's Role in South African Development


Nick Broten, Political Economy of Industrial Societies. Aid, Implementation, and Tradition in a Ugandan NGO
Peter Schulte, Conservation and Resource Studies/Comparative Literature. Aquaculture and the Decline of Marine Fisheries in Ghana


Ileita Lafitte, Anthropology. A Nation Can Rise No Higher than its Woman": A Closer Look at the Gender Equality Movement in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Khieu Thi Tran, Sierra Leone: Finding the Lost Generation in Dislocated Spaces