African Language Specialist

Larry Hyman, Professor

Research Interests: Phonology; Tonal Geometry; Bantu Languages; Comparative Bantu On-Line Dictionary (CBOLD)

Sharon Inkelas, Professor

Research Interests:  Phonology, Syntax, Hausa, Bantu Languages.

Peter Jenks, Associate Professor

Research Interests:  the syntax-semantics interface in Thai and the syntax, morphology, and phonology of Moro, a Kordofanian language;nominal syntax of Basaá, an Bantu language of Cameroon.

David Kyeu, Lecturer

Research Interests: Swahili; African language pedagogy.

Sam Mchombo, Associate Professor

Research Interests:  Interaction between quantification & verb morphology as well as the relation between morphological structure & logical form in African languages; the theory of lexical-functional grammar; Democratic transitions.