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Faculty and Lecturers

Leonardo Arriola, Associate Professor, Political Science Director, Center for African Studies Associate Dean, College of Letters and Sciences Cameroon, Ethiopia, Guinea, Kenya, Madagascar, Senegal, Zambia
Jenna Burrell, Associate Professor of Information. Ghana, Brazil, United States
Youjin Chung, Assistant Professor Assistant Professor of Energy and Resouces Group. Tanzania and Sub-Saharan Africa
Jim Church, International and Foreign Government Documents Librarian of UC Berkeley Library.
James Davies, Associate Professor of Music. South Africa
Al-An deSouza, Professor of Photography of Art Practice. Kenya, United Kingdom
Thad Dunning, Professor Director of Political Science. Mali
Susan Edwards, Interim African Studies Librarian of UC Berkeley Library.
Mariane Ferme, Professor Curator of African Ethnology of Anthropology. Sierra Leone, West Africa, North Africa
Laurence Frank, Associate Research Psychologist of Psychology. Kenya
Mia Fuller, Associate Professor of Italian Studies. Eritrea, Ethiopia, Libya
Paul Gertler, Professor Scientific Director of Public Health. Côte d'Ivoire, South Africa
Bruce Hall, Associate Professor of History. Mali, Libya, Niger, Mauritania
Mohamed Hamed, Middle Eastern and Near Eastern Studies Librarian of UC Berkeley Library. North Africa
Leslea Hlusko, Associate Professor of Integrative Biology. Kenya, Ethiopia
Robert Hosang, Lecturer and Director of Public Health. Africa - general
Peter Jenks, Associate Professor of Linguistics. Cameroon, Sudan
Donna V. Jones, Associate Professor of English. Africa - general
Phuoc Le, Assistant Professor of School of Public Health.
Peggy G. Lemaux, Cooperative Extension Specialist of Plant Biology. Sub-Saharan Africa
Rita Lucarelli, Associate Professor of Egyptology Faculty Curator of Egyptology of Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures. Egypt
Laurent Mayali, Professor Faculty Director Faculty Director of Law (Boalt Hall). Africa
Sandra McCoy, Associate Professor of Epidemiology. Tanzania, Zimbabwe
Adina Merenlender, Adjunct Associate Professor, Extension Specialist of Environmental Science, Policy & Management. Madagascar
James Midgley, Dean Emeritus & Specht Professor of Social Welfare. South Africa, Southern Africa
Edward "Ted" Miguel, Professor Faculty Director of Economics. Kenya, East Africa
Ivy Mills, Lecturer Alumna of History of Art. Senegal
Jelani Nelson, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Ethiopia
Amy Pickering, Assistant Professor Distinguished Chair in Global Poverty and Practice of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Benin, Kenya, Tanzania, Mali, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India
Claude Potts, Librarian, Lusophone and Francophone African literatures of UC Berkeley Library.
Martha Saavedra, Associate Director, Center for African Studies Sudan, Senegal, Kenya, Ethiopia
Hannah Sande, Assistant Professor of Linguistics. Côte d’Ivoire
Helene Silverberg, Adjunct Associate Professor of Political Science. East Africa
Eric Stover, Adjunct Professor of Law Faculty Director of Law (Boalt Hall). Rwanda, Central African Republic
Soraya Tlatli, Associate Professor of French. Algeria, North Africa
Julia Walsh, Adjunct Professor of Public Health. Egypt
Ilka Williams, Director of Student Services of Graduate School of Education. Mozambique