Name Job title Department Role Topics
Stephen Small Associate Professor African American Studies Faculty Zimbabwe
Eric Stover Adjunct Professor of Law, Faculty Director Law (Boalt Hall), Human Rights Center Faculty Central African Republic, Rwanda
Scott Straus Professor Political Science Fellowship Recipient, Rocca Dissertation Research Fellowship, Faculty, Alumni Côte d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda
David Sunding Professor, Chair Agricultural and Resource Economics and Policy, Agricultural and Resource Economics Faculty Nigeria
Jun Sunseri Associate Professor Anthropology, Archaeology Faculty Lesotho, Mali, South Africa
Ann Swidler Professor Sociology Advisory Committee, Faculty Botswana, Malawi
Amara Tabor-Smith Continuing Lecturer Theater, Dance and Performance Studies Faculty Senegal
Soraya Tlatli Associate Professor French Faculty Algeria
Julia Walsh Adjunct Professor Public Health Faculty Egypt
Michael Watts Professor Emeritus Geography Faculty, Emeritus Ethiopia, Gambia, Nigeria, Senegal
Jonathan Weigel Assistant Professor Haas School of Business Faculty Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania
Timothy White Professor Integrative Biology Faculty Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania
Martha Wilfahrt Associate Professor Political Science Faculty Cameroon, Senegal
Lisa Wymore Associate Professor and Chair Theater, Dance and Performance Studies Faculty Senegal
Al-An deSouza Professor of Photography Art Practice Faculty Kenya
john a. powell Professor, Professor, Director Law (Boalt Hall), African American Studies, Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society Faculty Mozambique, South Africa