Geist and Rosberg Undergraduate Research Grants

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The Center for African Studies is pleased to announce the 2024 competition for undergraduate fellowships to support travel to Africa for research and study. Fellowships of up to $3,000 are awarded as a memorial to Carl Rosberg, founder of Berkeley's Center for African Studies and a pioneer in the study of African politics, and Judith Geist, who earned a PhD from Berkeley's Political Science Department and followed in Rosberg's footsteps with her work in East Africa.

Eligibility: Current UC Berkeley Undergraduate Students with an interest in Africa who will be registered in the 2024-2025 academic year (i.e., one must return to campus as a registered student following the research trip). Priority will be given to 1) students with training in African studies and foreign languages, particularly African languages, and 2) students with demonstrated financial need who otherwise would not be able to travel to the African continent.

Funding: Fellowships of up to $3,000 are available to defray the costs of travel to Africa to conduct research focused on Africa-related topics. Generally, such travel will take place during summer, but other arrangements, such as during winter break, may be possible. If costs are to exceed $3,000, students are expected to find additional funds to cover the balance.

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Geist and Rosberg Fellowship Committee
Center for African Studies, University of California, Berkeley
342/356 Stephens Hall #2314  Berkeley, CA 94720-2314
Phone: 510.642.8338

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