Idris Mukhtar

Graduate School of Journalism

Judith Geist

Judy Geist, a long time associate and friend of the Center for African Studies at UC Berkeley died in her home in Oakland, California on September 25, 2002 after a long and valiant battle against breast cancer. In life, Judy was a caring and compassionate woman. Judy's passions were split between her professional career researching political and economic systems of East Africa, and her love of the San Francisco Bay area. Judy was born in Chicago. Early on she excelled academically. She was a National Merit Scholar, and her high school class valedictorian. Judy earned her undergraduate...

Alex Winters Kairu

Fellowship Recipient, Alumni
Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Barbara Nasila

Fellowship Recipient, Alumna
Architecture College of Environmental Design

Erick Maling'a

Fellowship Recipient, Alumni
School of Public Health

Esther Vuhya Julius

Fellowship Recipient, Alumna
Interdisciplinary Studies

Gift Pola Kiti

Fellowship Recipient, Alumna
School of Public Health - Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health

Kita Nyabena Abuodha

Fellowship Recipient, Alumna
Environmental Economics and Policy, and Business Finance and Accounting

Nicholas Koech

Fellowship Recipient, Alumni
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Paula Ochiel

Fellowship Recipient, Alumna
Development Practice