Linus Unah: Mastercard Foundation Scholar, Wildlife and Conservation Journalist

April 17, 2024

A forest area in NigeriaThe first time I scheduled a meeting with Linus Unah, a UC Berkeley alumnus with the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, the meeting had to be rescheduled as Unah raced off to lead a small crew in filming the rescue of a manatee about to be sold. Such is the exciting work that Unah now carries out for...

Charisma Acey

Associate Professor
City and Regional Planning

Pierre Biscaye

PhD Candidate
Agricultural & Resource Economics

Gladys Ajaelo

African American Studies

Olayinka S. Ohunakin

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Ohunakin is an energy and environmental expert with a vast knowledge in renewable energy technologies, climate modeling, energy economics, and energy efficient building simulations and designs. During his time at UC Berkeley, he studied the impact of climate change on wind power across Africa". He is a registered member of several professional bodies both in Africa and elsewhere, and has written several articles on energy in leading peer-reviewed high impact journals. Currently, he is the head of The Energy and Environment Research Group (TEERG) at the Department of Mechanical...

Larry Hyman

Linguistics: Phonology; Tonal Geometry; Bantu Languages; Comparative Bantu On-Line Dictionary (CBOLD)

Ndola Prata

School of Public Health - Maternal and Child Health