Visiting Scholar

Elizabeth Boner


During her time as a Visiting Scholar and Fellowship Recipient in the Department of Education at UC Berkeley, Dr. Boner's research theme was "The making of the entrepreneur in rural Tanzania: Experimenting with neo-liberal power through discourses of entrepreneurship, partnership, and participatory education".

Elizabeth Burns Dyer

Center for African Studies

Dr. Dyer specializes in African history, performing arts and theater history. She received her PhD in History from the University of Pennsylvania in 2017. During her research on the political history of theater in Kenya, she collaborated with a number of Kenyan playwrights and theater groups. Her work offers new insights into the role of theatrical productions as political critique.

Dan Fahey

Environmental Science, Policy and Management

Fellowship: Rocca Dissertation Research
Fellowship Year(s): 2010
Project/Theme Title: War in DR Congo, 1996-2008

Fellowship: Rocca Dissertation Research
Fellowship Year(s): 2008
Project/Theme Title: Post-Conflict Development in Uganda, 1986-2006

Fellowship: Rocca Pre-dissertation Research
Fellowship Year(s): 2005
Project/Theme Title: Environmental Protection and Post-Conflict Development in the Great Lakes...

Olayinka S. Ohunakin

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Ohunakin is an energy and environmental expert with a vast knowledge in renewable energy technologies, climate modeling, energy economics, and energy efficient building simulations and designs. During his time at UC Berkeley, he studied the impact of climate change on wind power across Africa". He is a registered member of several professional bodies both in Africa and elsewhere, and has written several articles on energy in leading peer-reviewed high impact journals. Currently, he is the head of The Energy and Environment Research Group (TEERG) at the Department of Mechanical...

Leopold Podlashuc

Research Theme: Response and adaptation of Diaspora of African traditional medicine to its new milieu; how recent migrant communities reconstruct, transform, and /or commoditize their indigenous knowledge in the Bay Area (U.S.)

Abdourahmane Seck

Center for African Studies

Dr. Abdourahmane Seck is an anthropologist and historian based in the Faculty of Civilizations, Religions, Arts and Communication University Gaston Berger of Saint-Louis, where he teaches at the Centre for the Study of Religions. Dr. Seck is the author of several works on Islam and the south-south migration.

Machiko Tsubura

Research Fellow
Center for African Studies

Machiko Tsubura is a Research Fellow in the African Studies Group of the Area Studies Center at the Institute of Developing Economies in Japan. Her research interests lie in electoral and party politics, and governance in sub-Saharan Africa with a focus on Tanzania. Her current research themes are: 1) presidential nomination and management of factionalism in dominant parties in Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Tanzania in comparative perspective; and 2) the influence of socialism on contemporary Tanzanian politics by employing the political settlement approach.