Selina Makana

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Fellowship Recipient, DrPH
African American Studies
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Fellowship Year(s): 2016
Fellowship Year(s): 2015
Project/Theme Title: Soldiering Women: Gender and Militarized Armed Struggle in Southern Africa and Cuba
Abstracts: The process of militarization relies on masculinization, thus, making the language of militarism to be strongly macho. This highly masculinist nature of militarization begs the question: what do the experiences of women in various armed revolutionary movements in Southern Africa and Cuba during the mid twentieth century inform us about women’s relationship to militancy, nationalism, and peace and conflict resolution? Using a transnational feminist perspective to militarized armed struggle, this research project explores the feminist revolutionary voices of women in armed revolutionary movements in post WWII Angola, South Africa and Cuba. In privileging the oral histories of female ex-combatants, I contend that narratives of national revolution struggles cannot be complete without a gendered analysis of the different ways in which militarism affects men and women who decide to join armed revolutions.
Fellowship Year(s): 2013
Project/Theme Title: Unveiling the Voices of Women behind the Pan-African Movement: 1945-1970 West Africa

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