Sayana Lee

Job title: 
Interdisciplinary Studies
Research interests: 
Fellowship Year(s): 2022
Project/Theme Title: Malaria: knowledge, practices, and perspectives of people living in Chilinza, Malawi
Abstracts: This study will address the issue of malaria in the village of Chilinza in the country of Malawi. The goal of this study is to better understand the knowledge, practices, and perspectives of people living in Chilinza regarding malaria - specifically, using a community-centered approach, 1) are there “bright spots” or successful practices already in use that can be replicated or amplified, 2) are there potential obstacles that the people of Chilinza have that prevent them from utilizing resources (cultural, practical, religious), and 3) how effective is active case detection in preventing malaria related illnesses and deaths in a rural village like Chilinza? This study will utilize surveys, in-depth interviews, and active case detection. Although the findings of this study may be difficult to directly apply to other villages or countries, it can provide greater insight on how to effectively eradicate malaria from Chilinza and lessen malaria in other countries

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