Nicole List

Fellowship Recipient, Rocca Dissertation Research Fellowship
Department: Geography
Fellowship Year(s): 2013
Project/Theme Title: Negotiating Landed Inequalities: Politics of Urban Land Grabs in Senegal's Dakar Region
Abstracts: Rapid urbanization, recent decentralization reforms and a severe deficit in adequate housing units have exacerbated contentious politics surrounding the construction of new middle-class and elite housing projects in Senegal. My project explores two case studies of land conflicts in sites of middle-class and elite housing developments to examine changes in the cartography of clientelist relationships between -and within- central/local governments, farmer associations, religious leaders, and women’s groups in Senegal’s Dakar Region. This project is important because it throws fresh light on research documenting the political, institutional, and cultural dynamics of urban land grabs in dynamic frontier zones, showing how political decentralization coupled with competitive party politics is transforming civil society and state relations. Furthermore, my research provides a sharp contrast to literatures examining the proliferation of the slum world by examining how the rise of a new and powerful African middle-class is reshaping urban political landscapes and producing poverty and inequality.
Fellowship Year(s): 2010
Project/Theme Title: Land sales and social inequality in Dakar

Fellowship: FLAS - Academic Year
Fellowship Year(s): 2009
Language: Wolof