Lindsay Hatch


I am continuing linguistic research and documentation of the Atchan language. Atchan is a Kwa language spoken by the Tchaman people in Abidjan, Côte D’Ivoire. I will be joining graduate students Katie Russell and Becky Jarvis for four weeks as we stay in Abidjan. We will be going into Tchaman villages everyday to collect language data with different native speakers. This will be a continuation of the research that I have been doing in the most recent school year. This past semester I was in the Linguistics Research Apprentice Practicum. I helped with audio segmentation, translation, and data entry. Next semester I will be staying with the project and expanding my responsibilities; finding my own research focus and collecting data. This fellowship would allow me to further work with the Tchaman people and the Atchan language in a deeper educational and personal way.