Emma Woolf

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Fellowship Recipient
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Fellowship Year(s): 2015
Project/Theme Title: Documenting and describing Guébie
Abstracts: I am applying for the Rosberg-Geist Fellowship in order to carry out linguistic research on Guébie, an endangered undescribed Kru language in Côte d’Ivoire. I will be accompanied by graduate student in Linguistics, Hannah Sande, who has been working to document Guébie over the past two years. Hannah has arranged for us to stay with one of her Guébie consultants, and to work in the village of Gnagbodougnoa for a period of six weeks from May to June. This academic year, I have been working with Hannah to create an online searchable database of Guébie. My tasks involve translation into French and data entry. On my own time, I have read literature on the culture of Kru ethnic groups. These experiences have familiarized me with the language, and a fellowship will allow me to continue doing research on the the language this summer in Côte d’Ivoire.


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