David Dow

Fellowship Recipient, Rocca Dissertation Research Fellowship
Department: Political Science

Research interests: political reconstruction

Country Expertise: Uganda
Language Expertise: Swahili
Fellowship Year(s): 2014
Project/Theme Title: Political Reconstruction Strategies after Civil War: Coercion, Administration, & Distribution
Abstracts: This dissertation seeks to understand the political reconstruction strategies that governments undertake in the aftermath of civil war by conducting an in-depth case study of the Ugandan reconstruction experience. It will seek to explain why the Ugandan government has invested in varying strategies of coercion, administration, and resource distribution across both time and space in its national territory in the period beginning after the end of the civil war in 1986. I argue that governmental concerns about political and physical security, as well as incentives for economic extraction, drive where and when political actors decide to use coercion, administration, and distribution of material resources. I plan to provide empirical evidence for this claim, as well as to explore other factors that may influence these reconstruction strategies, through extensive field research in Uganda. I will use interviews, historical and archival documents, and quantitative methods to examine these issues.