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Chase Arnold

Alumni, Fellowship Recipient
Department: History

Research interests: government and politics 

Country Expertise: Kenya
Fellowship Year(s): 2017
Project/Theme Title: Government Intelligence and the Fall of the First Republic of Ghana
Abstracts: My dissertation explores the role of government intelligence in postcolonial Africa. It specifically examines how Kwame Nkrumah mobilized both colonial security institutions and foreign intelligence liaison in the First Republic of Ghana. It posits that Nkrumah abused these resources in the interest of protecting his political power but at the cost of undermining his support from the Ghanaian military and police, whose leaders ultimately deposed him in a coup d'etat. It also addresses if Nkrumah's application of government intelligence influenced future governments in Ghana, encouraging similar practices that perpetuated political instability. This dissertation will be founded on archival material in the United Kingdom and Ghana, as well as oral histories collected from retired members of Ghana's intelligence community. This dissertation will represent one of the first intelligence studies in African history.
Fellowship Year(s): 2015
Project/Theme Title: 20th Century Africa and International Intelligence
Language: Swahili