Blake Erhardt-Ohren

Job title: 
DrPH Candidate
School of Public Health
Research interests: 


Climate change, increasing ethnonationalism, conflict, and war are among the factors accelerating the displacement of individuals around the world. Nearly one in four individuals displaced is a woman of reproductive age, aged 15-49 years old. The UNFPA estimates that 25-50% of maternal deaths in refugee settings are due to post-abortion complications, yet there is very little research exploring the barriers forcibly displaced individuals face in accessing safe services. This research seeks to investigate provider knowledge, attitudes, and practices around abortion, explore maternal mortality record-keeping practices, and estimate maternal mortality due to abortion complications among Sudanese refugees in camps in Pariang, South Sudan. This research will allow me to shed light on an under-researched and underfunded topic, to generate data that can be used to advocate for vulnerable populations, and, ultimately, to provide information that will be key to improving and saving the lives of forcibly displaced individuals.