African Languages Fall 2024

May 3, 2024

Studying a language is an immediate way to immerse oneself in African knowledge systems.

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Options for UC Berkeley Students

Dept Crs # Language/Level Instructor Day Time Crs Num Units
In the Department of African American Studies
AFRICAM 18A Elementary Amharic Amlaku Eshetie MW 12-2 PM 26235 4
AFRICAM 21A Intermediate Amharic Amlaku Eshetie MW 9-11 AM 26236 4
AFRICAM 16A Elementary Igbo Gladys Ajaelo ThF 12-2:00 PM 24136 4
AFRICAM 11A Elementary Swahili David Kyeu TuTh 11AM 20942 4
AFRICAM 10A Intermediate Swahili David Kyeu TuTh 11-1PM 26199 4
AFRICAM 15A Advanced Swahili David Kyeu TuTh 2-4PM 24869 4
In the Department of Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures
Arabic 1A Elementary Arabic
(multiple sections)
Nathalie Khankan; Amel By Belguith; Haitham Mohamed MWF check online check online 5
Arabic 20A Intermediate Arabic
(2 Sections)
Haitham Mohamed; Elsa Elmahdy MWF 9-10AM
Arabic 100A Advanced Arabic Haitham Mohamed MWF 11-Noon 21041 3
Arabic 104A Modern Arabic Prose Margaret Larkin TuTh 11AM-1PM 32624 3
Arabic 108 Islamic Religious and Philosophical Texts in Arabic Elsa Elmahdy MW 3:30-5PM 32623 3
Arabic 220 Seminar in Classical Arabic Literature Margaret Larkin Tu 2-5 PM 27152 3
Arabic 298 Seminar: Special Topics in Arabic Ahmad Diab W 2-5 PM 33298 1-4
Egypt 100A Introduction to Egyptian Hieroglyphs Barbara Richter MW 12-2 PM 25945 4
Egypt 202 Hieratic Rita Lucarelli TuTh 9:30-11AM 31629 4
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Dept Crs # Language/Level Host Campus Instructor Start Date Term Open Seats
More information coming soon: Possible courses in Arabic, Swahili, Tigrinya and Yoruba    

Options for Non UC Berkeley Students

Coming soon! Courses available via UC Online will be listed here soon.

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