Sylvan Herskovitz

Fellowship Recipient
Country Expertise: Uganda
Language Expertise:
Fellowship Year(s): 2015
Project/Theme Title: Causes and Consequences of Intensive Sports Betting in Uganda
Abstracts: While gambling of various forms have long been present across the African continent, recent technological innovations have led to an explosion in the popularity and intensity of sports betting in many African countries. Betting is a legal, large, and rapidly expanding industry in Uganda. Through the creation of an eight round survey along with a set of randomized interventions, this project will analyze both the causes and consequences of intensive sports betting. In particular, the project will examine consequences of betting participation in terms of distortions in both household consumption decisions and in micro-business investment and performance. Contributing causes of intensive sports betting are hypothesized to include financial service constraints (savings and credit) as well as misperceptions of the rate of return to participation. The findings of this study will have considerable policy relevance both within and outside of Uganda as betting continues to expand across the continent.