Fellowship Recipients

Rocca Pre-dissertation Research


Brian Klein, Environmental Science, Policy & Management. Mining for Territory: Pressures, Practices, and Policy in Madagascar’s Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining Sector
Brittany Meche, Geography. Geohistories of Securitization in the West African Sahel
Christine Wilkinson, Environmental Science, Policy & Management. Mapping Critical Regions of Human-Wildlife Conflict and Resource Use in Wildlife Dispersal Areas of Southern Kenya


Chase Arnold, History. 20th Century Africa and International Intelligence


Adeola Oni-Orisan, Anthropology. Charismatic Childbirth: Pentecostalism, Maternal Mortality and the Fifth Millennium Development Goal in Southwest Nigeria
Annah Peterson, Environmental Science, Policy & Management. The political ecology of rosewood in Madagascar
South African Craft Art, Contemporary Art, and the Political
Stephen McIsaac, Anthroplogy/Medical Anthropology. A Memory From the Future: Psychiatric Reform, Trauma, and Therapeutic Space in Postapartheid South Africa


Erin Torkelson, Geography. Platinum and Power: Producing South Africa’s Uneven Geographies
Hallie Wells, Anthropology. Performance and Political Engagement in Malagasy Slam Poetry
Selina Makana, African American Studies. Unveiling the Voices of Women behind the Pan-African Movement: 1945-1970 West Africa
Tristan Nunez, Environmental Science, Policy & Management. Hippopotamus Movement Ecology and Conservation
Victoria Massie, Anthropology. Use of genetic ancestry testing among the African Diaspora in transnational spaces


Amy Wolfson, African American Studies. Voluntourism in Tanzania
Cheryl Schmitz, Anthropology. Cultural Politics and the Spirit of Chinese Capitalism in Angola
Francesca Nicosia, Anthropology. Global Health, Palliative Care and the Management of Pain in East Africa
Lindsay Bayham, Sociology. Migration aspirations and ICTs in West Africa


Carrine Meyer, Public Health. Examing the Impact of New Aid Financing Models on Maternal Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa
George Willcoxon, Political Science. Insurgency and the State in Africa: political violence and state capacity
Jeffrey Schauer, History. Imperial Ark: wildlife policy and colonial governance in East and Central Africa
Kathryn Fiorella, Environmental Science, Policy & Management. People, Wildlife, and Parasitic Worms: Health Impacts of Zoonotic Disease Transmission
Marlee Tichenor, Anthropology. A biography of anti-malarial pharmaceuticals and the institutions that surround them
Nicole List, Geography. Land sales and social inequality in Dakar
Rachel Niehuus, Anthroplogy/Medical Anthropology. State and Nonstate Actors in the Making of Health Policy in the Post-Conflict State


Bob Bell, School of Information. Transnational diasporic networks
Kehinde (Kenny) Ajayi, Economics. Education, Employment and Household Decision-Making in Ghana
Merrill Baker-Medard, Environmental Science, Policy & Management. Social and Environmental Impact of Gemstone Mining in Madagascar
Niels Tomijima, Energy and Resources Group. Methods of Disseminating Improved Energy Technologies Effectively and Efficiently: The KUUTE Stove in Tanzania
Owen Ozier, Economics. Long-term Impacts of Early Childhood De-worming
Patience Fielding, Graduate School of Education: Language & Literacy. Indigenous Languages and Globalization: The Case For Mungaka
Willa Friedman, Economics. African Development Economics


Alice Kelly, Environmental Science, Policy & Management. People and Parks: An interdisciplinary study of community-based ecotourism in Cameroon
Mark Rosenberg, Political Science. Affective Beliefs and the Maintenance of Dominant Party Systems (South Africa)
Sarah Sawyer, Environmental Science, Policy & Management. Applying habitat vulnerability, irreplaceability, and human-wildlife interactions to corridor design in West Africa (Cameroon)
Tobias Warner, Comparative Literature. The Transformation of Reading and Writing Practices in Senegal


Brendan McSherry, Political Science. Radical Islam in Tanzania
Christopher Golden, Environmental Science, Policy & Management. Trends of Bushmeat Consumption in Madagascar's Eastern Rainforests
Duncan Allard, Music. Citizenship, Land rights, and Musical Practices in Zimbabwe
Liza Buchbinder, Medical Anthropology/Public Health/Medicine. Youth Resiliency in West African Labor Market
Steve Bellan, Environmental Science, Policy & Management. Scavenger Ecology and Anthrax Epidemiology in Etosha National Park
Tanya Jones, Sociology. Civil Society Mobiliation for AIDS Treatment in South Africa
Tendro Ramaharitra, Environmental Science, Policy & Management. Model of Land Use and Land Cover Change, comparaison of different zones in the eastern rainforest of Madagascar
Thera Crane, Linguistics. Comparative Description and Documentation of Totela


Erin Mahaffey, Anthropology. Reproductive/Human Rights, Contraception/Abortion, Statistical Technologies
Jade Sasser, Anthropology. HIV/AIDS and Mines in Madagascar
Joshua Dimon, Environmental Science, Policy & Management. Rivers of Extraction, Rivers of Life: Extractive Capitalism and Rural Livelihoods along the Zambezi River, Mozambique
Joshua Dimon, Environmental Science, Policy & Management. Rivers of Extraction, Rivers of Life: Extractive Capitalism and Rural Livelihoods along the Zambezi River, Mozambique
Rachel Giraudo, Anthropology. Identity and Heritage Among the Ju'hoansi at Tsodilo
Sarah Zimmerman, History. Sub-Saharan African Colonial Conscripts Participation in Maghribi Anti-colonial Wars


Dan Fahey, Environmental Science, Policy & Management. Environmental Protection and Post-Conflict Development in the Great Lakes Region of Africa
Jennifer Brass, Political Science. Theories of bureaucratic hollowing "informalization" and "privatization" in the African State.
Malini Ranganathan, Energy and Resources Group. Enhancing Energy Access in Senegal through Rural-Urban Interactions and Improved Bioenergy Sources
Mark Massoud, Jurisprudence and Social Policy. The Mobilization of International Law in Religious Societies: Cases of Sudanese NGOs
Rosalind Fredericks, Geography. Community Environmental Management in Dakar, Senegal
Sarah Staveteig, Sociology/Demography. Beyond Greed and Profit: The Socio-Political and Demographic Dynamics of Civil War in Contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa


Christopher Blattman, Economics. Investigation of Effects of Global Trade and Aid Flows on East African Economic Development
Martha Johnson, Political Science. The relationship between newly elected political leaders and the existing national bureaucracy in situations of democratic transition
Mpho Matsipa, Architecture. Enclave Johannesburg: Mapping the Shadows of Fear
Nadege Clitandre, African American Studies. The Pace-Bound Contiuum and Articulations of Home in Haitian Literature
Rebecca Cover, Linguistics. Documentation and Description of the Badiaranke Language


Ashtari Negar, Geography. Land policy, local government and cultural politics in peri-urban areas in Botswana.