Christine Wilkinson

Fellowship Recipient
Country Expertise: Southern Kenya
Language Expertise: Swahili
Fellowship Year(s): 2016
Project/Theme Title: Mapping Critical Regions of Human-Wildlife Conflict and Resource Use in Wildlife Dispersal Areas of Southern Kenya
Abstracts: I am focusing my research on the wildlife dispersal area between Tsaco and Amboseli national parks. This area primarily consists of the Kimana, Kuku, and Mbirkiani group ranches. I plan to use this summer pilot study to decide on specific study sites within these group ranches. This region has long been contentious in terms of governmental wildlife management being at odds with the interests of community members. Additionally, continuing land-use change from pastoralism to agriculture makes this area of particular interest for studying human-wildlife conflict. Managers of Kimana Wildlife Sanctuary (Kiimana Group Ranch) and the Maasai Wilderness Conversation Trust (Kuku Group Ranch) will provide me with insight into issues and successes community member have encountered in creating and maintaining ecotourism sanctuaries as way of alleviating human-wildlife conflict.