Montage of African Textiles

Visiting Scholars & Visiting Student Researchers
Past, Present, and Upcoming


  • Elizabeth Boner (2015-2016) African Food Sovereignty; and The Making of the Entrepreneur in Tanzania: experimenting with neo-liberal power through discourses of partnership, entrepreneurship, and participatory education.
  • Daniel Fahey (Spring 2015-2016) United Nations Security Council; Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
  • J. Michael Halderman (2010-2015) Pastoralism in East Africa, particularly the Horn of Africa.
  • Beth Packer(Fall 2013-2016) The articulation of women’s soccer, Islam and citizenship in Senegal. Examining women’s struggle for visibility on the soccer pitch as it illuminates everyday ways that citizens fight to overturn and de-legitimize inequalities.
  • Cinzia Perlingieri (2015-2016) Archeological and historical study of Northeastern Africa.
  • Octavius Pinkard (2015-2016) Identity development and projection among the Lebanese diaspora communities in Senegal.
  • Xinghan Xiong (2015-2016) CSR in Madagascar and Mauritius and its Influence on Local Ethnic/Political Identity.


  • Ermelinda Silvia de Oliveira Liberato (2016) Women, Development and Economic Growth in Angola.


  • Jacques Depelchin (2006-2009) Silences in African history: Between the syndromes of discovery and abolition.
  • Ma Enyu (2012-2013) African diaspora in China, their social and economic activities and their culture adjustment and adaption in China.
  • Barbara Fraticelli (Summer 2015) African Lusophone Literatures, i.e. literatures from Angola, Mozambique, Cabo Verde, Guinea Bissau and the Islands of São Tomé and Príncipe, written in Portuguese.
  • Samra Ghermay (Fall 2010) Africa in U.S. popular media and the impact it has on popular perception of Africa.
  • Elizabeth Gianola (2006-2009) West African land tenure security, the socio-economic effects of the transposition of Western property models, and the role of law in promoting development.
  • Solomon Gofie (Spring 2011)
  • Emma Hayward (2014-2015) Judicial decentralization and judicial institutions in Africa and the Middle East (also African diaspora communities in Europe).
  • Eunju Hong (2013) The Effect of Foreign Aid on the Development of sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Korea's role and responsibility in the development of SSA.
  • Preben Kaarsholm (2003) Popular culture in Africa.
  • Kristen Lyons (2009) Organic agriculture, international trade and food security in Uganda and Ghana.
  • Steven Nakana (Spring 2011-2012) The relationship between Chinese investors and organized labor in the Zambian mining sector, using Transnationalism as an analytical framework.
  • Shyam Nath (Spring 2011) African development issues linking current economic meltdown and financial crisis.
  • Raj Patel (2006-2013) Shack dwellers movement in South Africa. Food systems.
  • Thomas Perrot (Spring 2013) Social impact and uses of the Internet, communication technology and New Media in West Africa.
  • Clemence Pinaud (Spring 2011, Fulbright 2011-2012, and 2012-2013) Women and violence in Africa: the case of Southern Sudan (1983-2010): Roles of women during the war and transformation of gendered dynamics. 
  • Leopold Podlashuc (2013-2015) Response and adaptation of Diaspora of African traditional medicine to its new milieu; how recent migrant communities reconstruct, transform, and /or commoditize their indigenous knowledge in the Bay Area (US).
  • Alinah Segobye (2005) Cultural approaches to HIV/AIDS in Botswana: An overview of national policies and community responses to the epidemic.
  • Manuela Travaglianti (2012-2013) Burundi's 2010 elections, conditions of violence and new theory of intra-ethnic violence as an electoral strategy. Economic causes of civil wars, and the impact of welfare concessions on electoral returns in new democracies.
  • Mi Yung Yoon (Spring 2011) African Politics and International Studies.
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