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African American Studies

Gladys Ajaelo

Research Interests: Igbo; African language pedagogy.

Percy Hintzen

Research Interests:  Political & economic development of third world; Research methods; Middle class domination & statism; African populism.

David Kyeu

Research Interests: Swahili; African language pedagogy.

Kerby Lynch

Research interests: sexuality and genocide 

Selina Makana

Research interests: gender 

Sam Mchombo

Research Interests:  Interaction between quantification & verb morphology as well as the relation between morphological structure & logical form in African languages; the theory of lexical-functional grammar; Democratic transitions.

G. Ugo Nwokeji

Research interests: cultural history and political economy of Africa since 1500, with particular focus on international commerce in the Nigerian Niger Delta and its hinterland. This research is placed in the contexts of the Atlantic world and globalization, the latter of which encapsulates and synergizes the range of his teaching and research interests in slavery, migration, slave emancipation, as well as colonial and postcolonial political economy, including concerns with oil and gas.

john a. powell

Research Interests:  Civil rights and Civil Liberties; Race, Structural racism, Ethnicity, Housing, Poverty, and Democracy.


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