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Charisma Acey

Research Interests: Local and regional environmental sustainability, with a focus on poverty reduction, urban governance and access to basic services.

Louise Fortmann

Research Interests: Natural resource sociology, political ecology, rural development, gender.

Rachel Giraudo

Research Interests: Identity, cultural heritage, and tourism 

Shelley Liu

Shelley Liu is a political scientist with a PhD from Harvard who studies conflict and development in weak and authoritarian states. Her recent and ongoing projects how governments develop the state after conflict, how citizens respond to development policies, and how access to education and information mediates the relationship between citizens and their government. She has conducted fieldwork in Liberia and Zimbabwe, and brings to GSPP knowledge of comparative politics, the impact of political violence, and the politics of sub-Saharan Africa.

Sandra McCoy

Research Interests: prevention and control of HIV and other STIs, women's economic empowerment, multi-sectoral approaches to health, impact evaluation and implementation science

Donald Moore

Research Interests:  Cultural Politics, Identity, State-Peasant Relations, Post Colonial Theory, Political Ecology

Art Reingold

Research Interests: AIDS research; Training in AIDS research methods.


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