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Nick Mills

Research Interests:  Biological control of wide-ranging forest pests (the cypress aphid & the pine woolly aphid).

Tristan Nunez

Research interests: ecology and conservation

Nicholas Otis

Research Interests: Development Intervention Forecasting

Jeffrey Paller

Research interests:the practice of democracy and accountability in urban Africa

Maya L. Petersen

Dr. Petersen's research focuses on the development and application of novel causal inference methods to problems in health, with a focus on the treatment and prevention of HIV. She has a strong interest in and has published on the interface between biostatistics, epidemiology, and clinical medicine.

Amy Pickering

Research Interests: Combines tools from multiple disciplines (engineering, economics, microbiology, epidemiology, genomics) to identify low-cost and scalable interventions to interrupt enteric disease transmission in low-income countries.

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