Spring 2018 African Studies Colloquium

Welcome to the Spring 2018 African Studies Colloquium

Tuesdays, 12:30 - 2:00 PM in 223 Moses Hall

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Kang's Book CoverJanuary 23
Women on Africa's constitutional and supreme courts: When, where, and why?
Alice Kang, Associate Professor, Political Science and Ethnic Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincol

January 30
A Story of Subversion, A Story of Anticipation
Hallie Wells, PhD Candidate, Anthropology, UC Berkeley

February 6Trevor Getz and local scholar in Ghana
The Fante Confederation never happened: silence, space, and the earnest historian in West Africa
Trevor Getz, Professor and Chair, History, San Francisco State University

February 13
Africanisation and Government Intelligence: the Politics of Security in the Gold Coast, 1948-1957
Chase Arnold
, PhD Candidate, History, UC Berkeley

February 20
Distributive politics for an urbanizing continuent: A view from Ghana
Jeffrey Paller, Assistant Professor, Politics, University of San Francisco

February 27
Understanding the Tunisian Anomaly: An Inquiry into a History of ReformDr. Masri's Tunisia book cover
Safwan Masri, Executive Vice President, Global Centers and Global Development and Senior Research Scholar, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University

Youtube video of lecture: https://youtu.be/9RTRjkFixik

March 6Women learning about Muonde Trust pumps
Can agriculture technologies change gender dynamics and food security? Pump it Up for the Women’s Community Gardens in Zimbabwe
Naama Raz-Yaseef, Project Scientist, Earth & Environmental Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

March 13
A Theory of Land and Electoral Violence: Evidence From Kenya
Kathleen Klaus, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Government, Wesleyan University

March 20
When Attachments Fail: Psychiatry, Space, and History in South Africa
Stephen McIsaac, PhD Candidate, Anthropology, UC BerkeleyRoad in South Africa

March 27
Spring Break

April 3
Colin Walch, Postdoctoral Researcher and Lecturer, Political Science, UC Berkeley

April 10
Alex Kroeger, Lecturer, Political Science, UC Merced

April 17
Adeola Oni-Orisan, MD and Phd Candidate, Medical Anthropology, UC San Francisco/UC Berkeley

April 24 - location to be updated
Anne-Maria Makhulu, Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology and African and African American Studies, Duke University