The Big Give 2018 and African Studies

Friday, March 9, 2018
Big Give and African Studies 2018

Thanks to all for giving big.

Dear Colleagues, Alumni and Friends,

Thanks to all who supported The 2018 Big Give, UC Berkeley's fourth 24-hour fundraising drive. From 9:00 PM tonight March 7th through 9:00 PM March 8th, we celebrated all our moments with African Studies at UC Berkeley. Many shared their moments on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Other made donations to support the Center for African Studies in our work to:


Leo, Martha and Tabitha in Kibera

This year's Big Give theme is "Berkeley Moments." Over the last 25 years at the Center, I have been honored to share many wonderful moments with you, the Africanist community. We encourage you to continue sharing your “Berkeley African Studies moments” with us on social media using the tags #UCBAfrica. You can help us at any time to create more moments for students and scholars now and into the future with a gift to support our work to collaboratively create, consider, and circulate knowledge about an ever-changing and diverse Africa.

Martha Saavedra
Associate Director since 1993
Center for African Studies
Alumna, Political Science, PhD 1991, MA 1984
University of California, Berkeley

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Big Give that was momentous 2018