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African Cinema and African Cinematic Representation
A Selected Bibliography/Videography of Materials in the UC Berkeley

African Studies in the UC Berkeley Library
A subject guide that highlights selected resources relevant to research in the field.

Africana Collection Guide at UC Berkeley
This guide provides information concerning the most important of the Africana collections, estimated in total at more than 175,000 volumes, held in over 20 campus libraries.



Africa South of the Sahara education page

African Studies Association Outreach Council [dead link! find new URL]

List of Title VI African Studies Outreach Centers [dead link! find new URL]

Resource Sheet on the Conflict in Mali [dead link! find new URL]

Produced by the Center for African Studies at UC Berkeley in January 2013: Searchable Database of Online Courses Related to Africa  [dead link! find new URL]

Teaching About Nelson Mandela,, Apartheid and the Struggle for Freedom [dead link! find new URL]


For Elementary, Middle and High School students and beyond

Prepared Jointly by Boston University’s African Studies Center and Africa Access Review, members of the African Studies Association Outreach Council

The Travels of Ibn Battuta - A Visual Tour by Nick Bartel [dead link! find new URL]

UC Berkeley Interactive University Project [dead link! find new URL]

University of Pennsylvania’s K-12 Guide

World Affairs Council of Northern California [dead link! find new URL]

Yoruba Art and Culture Teaching Kit  [dead link! find new URL]

From the Phoebe A Hearst Museum of Anthropology  [no link. get URL]





Issues of Discourse and Representation in African Studies
Links to discussions relevant to the portrayal of Africa in the media.

JournalismNet's Africa Resources

Karen Fung's Africa South of the Sahara website
Members of the media might find this site useful for finding background information.

Karen Fung's site
Links to information on current events and breaking news.

Peter Alan Harper of The Associated Press
Tips for reporters on covering Africa.




The African Collection
At the UC Berkeley Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology. There are about 16,000 catolog entries in the Africa collection, including William R. Bascom's Yoruba collection, one of the largest and most comprehensive in the country.




Priority Africa Network
A Bay Area community based organization established to inform, educate, and mobilize in support of the peoples of Africa.