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African Language Resources at UC Berkeley


The Center for African Studies, in partnership with the Department of African American Studies and the Berkeley Language Center, works to support the African language learning needs of students and faculty. The program is guided by a leadership team consisting of representatives from the Department, the Center for African Studies, the Berkeley Language Center and the College of Letters and Science.

In Spring 2016, we are offering Chichewa and Kiswahili I, II and III. These language courses are listed in African American Studies. Arabic is available through the Department of Near Eastern Studies. Courses in these languages will be available to all Berkeley students and, through concurrent enrollment via UC Extension, to members of the larger community. We offer a weekly Kiswahili Table. Please contact us for futher information.

Over the years, we have offered other languages, including Afrikaans, Amharic, Bamana, Lingala, Malagasy, Shona, Xhosa, Yoruba, and Zulu. While the tutorial request program is not currently accepting students, we encourage you to indicate your interest in other African languages by completing the tutorial request form and submitting it to CAS.

Through our Understanding Sudan and Understanding the Horn project curriculum projects, we developed material on Sudanese Arabic, Amharic, Oromo, Somali, Swahili and Tigrinya.

Summer Language Institutes and Programs

UC Berkeley is offering a summer course on "Language, History and Culture in the Swahili Society" (AAS 139) taught by David Kyeu in the Department of African American Studies.

The Center is offering a Summer African Language Study Grant for UC Berkeley graduate students. (deadline 8 February 2016; one has to be logged into a browser with a CalNet ID to access the application form.)

African Studies Centers nationwide collaborate to offer a range of summer language study opportunities. In addition to the Swahili course at UC Berkeley, other options for this coming summer as well as offerings in past summers are listed in the links that follow:

The Association of African Studies Programs, the African Language Teaching Association and three universities share the task of administering competitive US Department of Education Title VI Fulbright Group Project Abroad Advanced Overseas Intensive Language Projects. In 2016, the GPA programs are in Tanzania for Advanced Swahili and in Nigeria for Advanced Yoruba.

Other African Language Resources

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