Montage of African Textiles

  Fellowships and Grants for UC Berkeley Students


The Center offers several fellowships for UC Berkeley graduate students and two for UC Berkeley undergraduates. The Financial Aid Office administers many need-based financial aid programs. The Graduate Division Fellowship Office, academic departments and professional schools administer other merit based programs. Known deadlines are listed below. Information is available through the web links provided.

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

  • This program provides comprehensive scholarships and support to students from Sub-Saharan African countries. For more information, visit the program's website.

Center Administered Research Fellowships

Other Fellowships and Resources

Information for Prospective Visiting Scholars

  • Currently, the Center does not have fellowships to support visiting scholars. However, scholars with fellowships or other sources of funding may apply for affiliation with the Center for African Studies. Follow this link for details.

Resources for grantwriting, fieldwork and publication

  • Links to tips on writing grants, conducting fieldwork, safety in the field, and publication of research


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