EU-Africa Sports Migration Workshop, May 9-10, 2017

Thursday, March 27, 1017
Senegal's Women's Basketball Team

The Center for African Studies with support from the Institute of European Studies and the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence at the University of California, Berkeley is organzing a research workshop: African athletes & migration to the European Union – Beyond Men’s Football, May 9-10, 2017



A Research Workshop: African athletes & migration to the European Union – Beyond Men’s Football

May 9-10, 2017, 223 Moses Hall

There is a growing body of scholarly work on migration related to sport. With respect to Africa, this research has mainly focused on male footballers leaving Africa for Europe. What of women footballers and of athletes in other sports? What of EU-based coaches, agents and medical personnel working in sports in Africa? With funding from the European Union-funded Jean Monnet Center of Excellence at UC Berkeley, this workshop will look beyond men's football to explore other aspects of sport-related migration between Africa and the European Union. Goals of the workshop include:

  • To assess whether and how what we have learned about men’s football (soccer) migration is applicable in other arenas;
  • To assess progress in knowledge production around women’s football and Africa-EU migration;
  • To map out promising and innovative areas of research, especially in sports other than football;
  • To consider theories, methods and data sources for pursuing this research;
  • To consider various ways of disseminating knowledge and promoting discussion, including through journalism, graphic novels, and other media;
  • To generate new research questions;
  • To connect with the Sport Migration Network based at Aarhus University in Denmark;
  • To introduce this topic to scholars and students at UC Berkeley and in the Bay Area.

The day and a half workshop will include panels, a round-table and a summary session. As currently envisioned, the first panel will cover an assessment of the current state of theory, methods, data, research and knowledge on the migration of African footballers, male and female, to Europe. Subsequent panels will turn to other sports, especially basketball and athletics. In all panels, gender will be a key frame for analysis. In the roundtable, participants will focus on the practicalities of conducting such research. The final session will summarize critical next steps for theorizing and conducting research on migration and African athletes.

Participants include:

Detailed program to be announced.

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Photo: The Senegalese Women's Basketball team prior to Rio 2016. Most of the team members play for clubs in Europe.